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Hello there! I have been away from my blog for some time. Many thanks for reading today.

What a glorious few weeks I have had! So much gratitude for my life and all the love that is overflowing therein. Hoop Convergence this year was amazing as always. I came home with a full heart and so much knowledge, grace and hunger for hooping! Renewed spirit and ready to conquer the WORLD. hee hee 🙂

Then it was off to Sanibel Island for some much needed vacation time with my amazing husband. It was so great to spend time with one another with no work to get in the way. Hand in hand walks on the beach, dancing, naps in the sand, shell hunting swimming together, lovely scrumptious local foods and tons of LOVE. Of course, there was hooping. Lots of hoop dance on the beach, my favorite place to hoop! I had the chance to teach some beautiful children on the beach, what a glorious little plastic circle.

This passed weekend I had the pleasure of hosting Ann Humphreys for a workshop here in Atlanta. Well, Decatur but its *basically* Atlanta. We had a great turn out for her hoop dance workshop! What a glorious hoop community we have here! It is ever growing and I am so grateful for that! We hooped and had a scrumptious dinner after at the always yummy, Raging Burrito. I of course did not get any photos, sad panda. I struggle with being behind the lens or being present. It is either or for me, so I typically choose to be present.

Here are a couple of photos I would love to share with you. Thank you for your love! ~Rebecca

Sanibel Island with my Atomic Pro LED hoop from Astral Hoops
Sanibel Island with my Atomic Pro LED hoop from Astral Hoops


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