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JOY ~ Bringing hooping to a wider demographic

My joy is bringing hoop dance to the masses! Spreading the love and revolving joy to all demographics. Sharing what I love & teaching the WHOLE WORLD about the vast benefits of hula hooping & hoop dance is my goal. I feel everyone can benefit in what I have found so incredibly life changing. No prejudices, no judgements, no pre-conceived notions, no stereotypes. ALL humans are capable of hooping! You can do it with the proper equipment (like a hand crafted adult sized dance hoop – see my store for details or email me on my contact form) dedicated practice and patience.

I have the opportunity to share my art with many this August through performing at a few events that are very different from one another and will spread hooping to a brand new audience! I am so excited about working with one of my favorite event promoters in Atlanta, Mon Cherie.

Here is just one of the many opportunities to come see me perform and meet me in person. I am thrilled to bring hooping to such a diverse group of people. Spreading the LOVE ♥ ♥ ♥

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Hoopnotica class tomorrow & lunch after :)

Hey hoopers!

I am so pumped about class tomorrow, looks like we are going to have a large turnout! I will be bringing a few new shiny hoops for your adopting pleasure. You will LOVE to have a hoop of your very own to take with you everywhere & practice in the comfort of your own home. Hoops range in price depending on size/decoration etc and begin at $10 each.

I am planning on heading over to Nuevo Laredo Cantina for lunch afterwards! Please come enjoy some amazing lunch & margaritas as we get to know one another beyond the typical class structure. I am planning a couple hoopy events for the future & would love to hear your thoughts as well as what dates may work for you. Here is the link to where we will go for lunch, it is literally 3 minutes from the studio.

So excited to see you tomorrow!

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Hula Hooping with Girl Scout Troupe 3228…

Welcome to my new site! Thanks to my love for making all this possible. You are such a dream come true to me. I love you.

I was blessed with the opportunity to share the joy of hoop dance with a group of Girl Scouts today at the Jewish Community Center in Dunwoody, GA. What at amazing time was had by all! We danced and played all with enormous grins on our faces. I secretly think I had the most fun of them all….it’s amazing at how being in the “hoop zone” can morph you back to childhood with eyes wide open to the world…but pair that with the energy of seven, bright 8 year old girls and WHAM!!! You get an explosion of laughter and smiles. Something inside of each soul ignites a spark, they must explore ALL realms of possibility. My hoops got more of a workout than I had ever witnessed when each student had to test out every size and color at least twice. It was pure excitement!

I loved every second of it! My life is touched forever and I look forward to every moment I can serve in community outreach and spreading the endless joys of hoop dance. I look forward to sharing what an incredible transformation I have found inside the hoop with everyone I can so that perhaps they too will blossom.The simplicity of a hula hoop can bring forth such complex emotions.
Love and Light to you all~~