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Beautiful inspiration

I was completely blown away by this story and just had to share it with you. It was posted today by two of my closest friends who live in Rochester, NY – Karlie Cary Lanni and Amanda Childs. Thank you ladies for sharing this with me. ♥

The following blog by Michael Jura was shared to me today about the story of a woman named Aimee Mullins who was born with no shin bones. She went on to become an Olympic Athlete, a model, an actress and the ultimate inspiration. I urge you to to read Michael Jura’s blog and watch the video of Aimee speaking. It is so powerful!

“…..another reminder that we have control over our thoughts, our actions, and ultimately our reality. If we can tap into the power of our human spirit, reach into our subconscious, and dictate our goals, we’re sure to achieve them.”

Read the full article

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New look & added features to my website!

Hey all!

With the help of my wonderful admin and a LOT of hard work, I have uploaded the new look to the site! What do you think? I know some of the links need to be easier to read and appreciate your feedback thus far. I will be continually adding more and more features as well as exciting new items in the web store so stay tuned. My intentions with this site is to provide you with the best information regarding classes, events in Atlanta and beyond, tools, inspiration, tutorials and tricks of the trade. I am here to connect with my community and to reach out through hoop dance to all demographics. I believe we can bring the world together, one hoop at a time. Hoops from the my heart, to yours. So reach out, come to a class or drop me a line. I want to hear from you!!!


Rebecca DeShon

Owner,Hoopnotica teacher and performer – HoopEssence


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WE have come to be danced….

Greetings dancers of the world! Lovers and creators. Divine  feminine and masculine.This week has already been full of the most amazing, eye opening, transformative, personal & spiritual growth. Last night I attended a dear friend’s, Jennifer Keller, Yoga Trance Dance Tuesdays class. I was invited to bring my hoops to share and was so ecstatic to see others getting inspired to pick up a hoop and play during our ritual dance. Jennifer gifted all the dancers with the most beautiful poem centered around DANCE. I am so grateful for my TRIBE ♥ I feel the power of these words so whole heartedly, every letter to my core being. I am so grateful to Jennifer for passing it along. I must share this poem with you, dear ones in hope your lives will be touched as well. My life is centered deep in my dance. Not just hoop dance,which is my most favorite creative outlet, but DANCE alone is my release. Dance is my joy. Dance is my self expression. Dance is my ritual, my cleansing. Dance is my tool for so many things.

We Have Come To Be Danced
~ by Jewel Mathieson, from This Dance: A Poultice of Poems

We have come to be danced,
not the pretty dance…
not the pretty pretty, pick me, pick me dance,
but the claw our way back into the belly
of the sacred, sensual animal dance.
The unhinged, unplugged, cat is out of its box dance.
The holding the precious moment in the palms
of our hands and feet dance.

We have come to be danced.
Not the jiffy booby, shake your booty for him dance,
but the wring the sadness from our skin dance.
The blow the chip off our shoulder dance,
the slap the apology from our posture dance.

We have come to be danced.
Not the monkey see, monkey do dance,
One, two dance like you
One two three, dance like me dance;
but the grave robber, tomb stalker
tearing scabs & scars open dance.
The rub the rhythm raw against our souls dance.

We have come to be danced.
Not the nice invisible, self conscious shuffle,
but the matted hair flying, voodoo mama
shaman-shakin, ancient bones dance.
The strip us from our casings, return our wings
sharpen our claws & tongues dance.
The shed dead cells and slip into
the luminous skin of love dance.

We have come to be danced.
Not the hold our breath and wallow in the shallow end of the floor dance,
but the meeting of the Trinity: the body, breath & beat dance.
The shout “Hallelujah!” from the top of our thighs dance.
The mother may I? – Yes you may take 10 giant leaps dance.
The Olly-Olly-Oxen Free Free Free dance.
The everyone can come to our heaven dance.

We have come to be danced.
Where the kingdoms collide
in the cathedral of flesh
to burn back into the light
to unravel, to play, to fly, to pray
to root in skin sanctuary…

WE have come to be Danced.

With much gratitude back to my hoop for bringing me once again, full circle.  The incredible people, places and experience hooping has brought into my life is such a blessing. I have grown so much in the last two years through that plastic circle. I encourage you to begin your life now, grab a hoop and set your spirit free. Give your inner child, your inner animal permission to come out and play.

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Hoopnotica hoop dance class Atlanta

August 7 · 11:00am – 12:00pm

Pera Dance Studio

Collier Center

1015 Collier Rd Suite B

Atlanta, GA 30318
Join us every Saturday at Pera Dance for Hoopnotica Hoop Dance classes! I am a Certified Hoopnotica Hoop Dance instructor and can not wait to share my love of hooping with all of you. This class is a drop in style class for beginner and intermediate level hoopers. If you have never picked up a hula hoop before OR if you are looking to expand your skills this class is for you! All are welcome ♥ I will provide student hoops for the class out of my collection of hand crafted hoops made with love by Rebecca DeShon (that’s me yay!) Already have a hoop of your own? please feel free to bring it to use for class.

In this class we will learn the foundations of hoop dance and the infinite possibilities you will find in the hoop for body and mind.
We will learn hooping on the waist, hips, arms, hands, chest, shoulders, neck, legs and MUCH MUCH more. We will explore the hoop on and off our bodies as well as learn cool isolation moves.

Here is a list of some of the benefits of hoop dance & hula hooping
*Builds core strength
*Tones the entire body
*Burns approximately 400-600 calories per hour
*Provides an intense cardiovascular workout with no or low impact
*Increases energy
*Develops balance and coordination
*Increases flexibility
*Clears and quiets the mind
*Reduces stress
*Improves self confidence
*Generates joy and laughter
*Improves one’s mood
*Enhances creativity
***YOUR FIRST CLASS AT PERA DANCE IS FREE*** Come check out this world class facility and share the energy ♥
~~Comfortable, form fitting, natural fiber clothing that allows freedom of movement is best for learning hoop dance. Custom hand crafted hoops are also available for purchase through Rebecca DeShon (see me after class) or through my site

Are you on Facebook? You can RSVP to this event by clicking this link

Let’s be friends on Facebook 🙂

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JOY ~ Bringing hooping to a wider demographic

My joy is bringing hoop dance to the masses! Spreading the love and revolving joy to all demographics. Sharing what I love & teaching the WHOLE WORLD about the vast benefits of hula hooping & hoop dance is my goal. I feel everyone can benefit in what I have found so incredibly life changing. No prejudices, no judgements, no pre-conceived notions, no stereotypes. ALL humans are capable of hooping! You can do it with the proper equipment (like a hand crafted adult sized dance hoop – see my store for details or email me on my contact form) dedicated practice and patience.

I have the opportunity to share my art with many this August through performing at a few events that are very different from one another and will spread hooping to a brand new audience! I am so excited about working with one of my favorite event promoters in Atlanta, Mon Cherie.

Here is just one of the many opportunities to come see me perform and meet me in person. I am thrilled to bring hooping to such a diverse group of people. Spreading the LOVE ♥ ♥ ♥

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How may I help you?

Hi happy hoopers 🙂

I enjoyed my class this morning as always and am still beaming from all that positive energy! I have had many requests lately for alternate hoop dance class days/times to fit into everyone’s schedule. I am calling out to YOU for feed back! What are *your* personal needs as a student?

  • What day of the week would fit best in your schedule to practice with me?
  • What city/state would YOU like to see hoop dance classes & free jams in the park?
  • Which times are ideal for your needs?
  • What moves/tricks/techniques would you like to see taught in my hoop dance class?
  • How can I make your experience brighter?
  • Do you have any suggestions?
  • Are you satisfied as a student when you leave my class?

Your opinion is very important to me – I am here for YOU! As we are closing in to Fall & the holiday seasons, I am tweaking my schedule to better fit your needs. Please never hesitate to ask me questions. You can email me

I leave you with this to ponder as well….”Do you hoop because you are so sweet, or are you sweet because you hoop?” I had a student ask me this in class a couple of weeks ago and I have been pondering that ever since. Hahaha so take a silly moment to think about it.

Have an amazing week! Keep those emails coming!

~~ Becca xoxo

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My demo on Atlanta & Company today on Channel 11! ~woohoo

WOW is all I can say after a long week of hooping, connecting and preparing for such an honor! I was thrilled for the opportunity to share my passion of hoop dance today on LIVE television with Channel 11 Alive in Atlanta. WE rocked it today! Thank you Atlanta & Co! Thank you everyone for making this possible! I am so exhausted from the past weeks events, I really have no words. JUST WOW! THANK YOU!

~~ See you @ 11am at Atlanta’s heart center for movement, Pera Dance Studio! Click on the link for more info

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Hoopnotica class tomorrow & lunch after :)

Hey hoopers!

I am so pumped about class tomorrow, looks like we are going to have a large turnout! I will be bringing a few new shiny hoops for your adopting pleasure. You will LOVE to have a hoop of your very own to take with you everywhere & practice in the comfort of your own home. Hoops range in price depending on size/decoration etc and begin at $10 each.

I am planning on heading over to Nuevo Laredo Cantina for lunch afterwards! Please come enjoy some amazing lunch & margaritas as we get to know one another beyond the typical class structure. I am planning a couple hoopy events for the future & would love to hear your thoughts as well as what dates may work for you. Here is the link to where we will go for lunch, it is literally 3 minutes from the studio.

So excited to see you tomorrow!

Posted on 4.0 launched today

Hey hoopers! If you didn’t already know, my favorite site launched the newly vamped version of their already wonderful site today! I am in LOVE with it! This site is like the ‘Holy Grail’ of all things hoopy. I have been following them since the day I first picked up my adult sized dance hoop back in Summer of 2008 (Thank you Becky Bear & Sparrow). This site has been with me every twirl and twist, all the times I dropped the hoop, every drop of sweat, the furrowing of the brows, each push and pull. I learned so many things; how to make hula hoops, tricks, flow challenges, I connected with other hoopers, and enjoyed reading about each story of hoopers in the news from all across the globe. It was on where I first found Hoopnotica and was completely thrown for a loop that their were people out there making their living by teaching and generating hoop love. has been a staple in my ‘hoop diet’ and still to this day I spend my first cup of coffee in the morning right along side of Now, it has grown into a full on hooper mecca of networking where you or your business can create profiles with photos and add groups, forums with endless information, you can advertise your business and So MUCH MORE~ Thank you to for all your hard work over the years and helping us all grow as hoopers. If you have yet to see the site I am raving about, change your life/hoop-path and click this link

As if everything they already do for the hooping community including the new 4.0 isn’t enough?! They are having some very exciting contests offering up some $1,000 worth of wicked cool prizes in celebration of today’s launch like LED hoops, fire/led hoop combo, Hooping University subscription, a Hoopnotica prize package and MORE. So join in on the fun, check out hooping for your first time and/or sign up!! I am looking forward to all of the challenges!

Congrat’s on the new site!

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Hula Hooping with Girl Scout Troupe 3228…

Welcome to my new site! Thanks to my love for making all this possible. You are such a dream come true to me. I love you.

I was blessed with the opportunity to share the joy of hoop dance with a group of Girl Scouts today at the Jewish Community Center in Dunwoody, GA. What at amazing time was had by all! We danced and played all with enormous grins on our faces. I secretly think I had the most fun of them all….it’s amazing at how being in the “hoop zone” can morph you back to childhood with eyes wide open to the world…but pair that with the energy of seven, bright 8 year old girls and WHAM!!! You get an explosion of laughter and smiles. Something inside of each soul ignites a spark, they must explore ALL realms of possibility. My hoops got more of a workout than I had ever witnessed when each student had to test out every size and color at least twice. It was pure excitement!

I loved every second of it! My life is touched forever and I look forward to every moment I can serve in community outreach and spreading the endless joys of hoop dance. I look forward to sharing what an incredible transformation I have found inside the hoop with everyone I can so that perhaps they too will blossom.The simplicity of a hula hoop can bring forth such complex emotions.
Love and Light to you all~~