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Hoopnotica class tomorrow & lunch after :)

Hey hoopers!

I am so pumped about class tomorrow, looks like we are going to have a large turnout! I will be bringing a few new shiny hoops for your adopting pleasure. You will LOVE to have a hoop of your very own to take with you everywhere & practice in the comfort of your own home. Hoops range in price depending on size/decoration etc and begin at $10 each.

I am planning on heading over to Nuevo Laredo Cantina for lunch afterwards! Please come enjoy some amazing lunch & margaritas as we get to know one another beyond the typical class structure. I am planning a couple hoopy events for the future & would love to hear your thoughts as well as what dates may work for you. Here is the link to where we will go for lunch, it is literally 3 minutes from the studio.

So excited to see you tomorrow!

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Classes resume 7/10

My Hoopnotica classes at Pera Dance Studio will resume this Saturday, July 10th, 2010. I am thrilled to share with you the hipnotic tunes that I have recently acquired as well as spanky new hand crafted hula hoops that I have been working on! My home hoop making studio is up and running! Soon I will have hoops available through this site as well as my classes. My wonderful Admin and I have been working very hard. New sassy choreography has been perfected into new combo’s to share ! I will try to fit in as much as possible in the coming weeks in addition to award winning Hoopnotica curriculum. My goal is to give students a few transitions to work with on your path to creating your own special dance. Enabling you to open up into your groove and move from just simply trick hooping or waist hooping and actually dancing fluid in motion, at one with your hoop.

Check out the amazing facilities at Pera Dance Studio.
1015-B Collier Road, Atlanta, GA 30318. Love the Whole World, Join the Dance.

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2 days left to save $45 @

Save $45 on a eight class card for Pera Dance Studio by visiting (see previous blog for more details or visit the link to the left). This is a remarkable deal at only $3.75 per class, you can try all the classes at very lil out of pocket cost! Do something good for yourself this week, you deserve it!

Enjoy flying yoga, hoop dance, belly dance, Zumba, Capoeira, tango, salsa, hip hop, Aerial Jam, Zoetic or Ecstatic Dance! Check out more about Pera Dance here at See you there!

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This week only! Get an eight class card to Pera Dance Studio for $30! That’s $3.75 per hoop dance class!!!

Hey guys! I just wanted to share this red hot deal with you! I discovered this cool site that offers wicked cool deals online. This week’s special includes a very exciting offer to Pera Dance Studio (where I hold my Saturday 11am Hoopnotica hoop dance class) that is way too good to pass up! An eight class card for the low low prics of $30! That means that you can attend 8 classes for $3.75 EACH! A savings of $45! So if you have been toying with the idea but just wasn’t completely sold, now is the chance to come out and give it a twirl. They have many other great deals hooping around as well! Hurry, this weeks off will go fast!

Here is the site for some amazing deals:

Enjoy beautiful people!

Look for blog posts throughout the weekend and a sneak preview to the hoop store!!!

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No class July 3rd, 2010

Hello Hoopers!

Pera Dance Studio is closed this weekend, July 3-4, 2010 in observance of the Independence Day holiday. Hoop dance class will resume as usual on July 10, 2010 at 11am. Drop-ins are always welcome to this Hoopnotica Level 1 & 2 class. Please arrive a couple minutes early if possible! For more on the studio check out

How will you spend this weekend hooping? I hope you all have time to play this weekend! I am certainly making time for play – no exceptions 🙂

I plan to practice all week on opening up my Heart chakra to movement. Freedom of breath, straight from the heart. This simple concept yet difficult task was brought to my attention last week during my Flying Yoga class at Pera with Yogi Greg Roberts I sometimes find that in my daily rush of life that I am not breathing deeply and anxiety/stresses have me holding my breath. I highly recommend his classes. You can find more information here:

Jonathan Baxter of The Hoop Path ( and one of my favorite Hoop Guru’s teaches us to hoop blindfolded in order to step out of our self critical minds and into our bodies completely submerged in our own rhythm in the hoop. This is a delightful way of practicing that opens you up for freedom of self expression while cutting back on the self conscious way of thinking that may keep a lot of us from expressing our inner joy outwardly. Be sure you have plenty of room for this exercise, remove all obstacles from your dance space. Getting into your body and out of your mind is sometimes a difficult task to take on, by hooping with a blind fold on I am blind to the outside world. This creates space for more fluid movement. I have found that it definitely helps me to find my flow inside the hoop. I wish you blissful practices and beautiful experiences this weekend and everyday.

Blessings & Blissings to you all <3 <3 <3


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Hoopnotica Hoop dance Atlanta

Hoopnotica Hoopdance classes

Pera Dance Studio

1015-B Collier Rd

Atlanta, GA 30318

~~Your first class at Pera Dance Studio is FREE~~

Join us EVERY Saturday at Pera Dance for Hoopnotica Hoop Dance classes! I am a Certified Hoopnotica Hoop Dance instructor and can not wait to share my love of hooping with all of you. This class is a drop in style class for beginner and intermediate level hoopers. If you have never picked up a hula hoop before OR if you are looking to expand your skills this class is for you! All are welcome ♥ I will provide student hoops for the class out of my collection of hand crafted hoops made with love by Rebecca DeShon (that’s me yay!) Already have a hoop of your own? please feel free to bring it to use for class.

In this class we will learn the foundations of hoop dance and the infinite possibilities you will find in the hoop for body and mind.
We will learn hooping on the waist, hips, arms, hands, chest, shoulders, neck, legs and MUCH MUCH more. We will explore the hoop on and off our bodies as well as learn cool isolation moves.

Here is a list of some of the benefits of hoop dance & hula hooping
*Builds core strength
*Tones the entire body
*Burns approximately 400-600 calories per hour
*Provides an intense cardiovascular workout with no or low impact
*Increases energy
*Develops balance and coordination
*Increases flexibility
*Clears and quiets the mind
*Reduces stress
*Improves self confidence
*Generates joy and laughter
*Improves one’s mood
*Enhances creativity
***YOUR FIRST CLASS AT PERA DANCE IS FREE*** Come check out this world class facility and share the energy ♥
*Contact me here for more info or email me*
~~This is an ADULT class, please email for more info on kids workshops, Mommy & Me classes and MORE!~
~~Comfortable, form fitting, natural fiber clothing that allows freedom of movement is best for learning hoop dance. Custom hand crafted hoops are also available for purchase through Rebecca DeShon (see me after class) or through my website.

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Hoop dance @ Pera Dance

WOWIE life is BUSY! It has been a few days, huh? I moved into a new home- it is MARVELOUS and I can’t wait to have a hoop jam in my sweet backyard with all of you very soon. Finally got my vehicle out of the shop so maybe I can make a few road trips soon to come visit you! Keep those emails coming!!

UPDATED: Pera Dance Studio has updated their website and we are really kicking off the Summer with a bang!! Come dance all around the World with us!

Check the new site here :

~ First class is free at Pera Dance studio ~

This Saturday 11am we resume our Intro to Hoopnotica hoop dance class. Drop ins are welcome or contact the studio to register today.

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Intro Hoop Dance Classes in Atlanta!

Hello my lovelies!

Thank you for reading my very first post! Welcome to the whimsical world of hoop dance! Prepare to have life changing experiences, overflow with joy and confidence, and define your waistline through the power of hoop dance.

I am ecstatic to report that I will begin teaching Beginners Hoopnotica Hoop Dance @ Pera Dance Studio! Classes will be drop in style for the studio’s rate of $12. Hand crafted custom hoops will be provided for class as well as available for purchase. Call Pera at 404-355-0807 or email them at

Check out what all the hooplah is about with the Hoopnotica Demo! I personally trained with Hoop Goddess Rayna McInturf in Fall of 2008 to gain my Beginner Level 1 & 2 Hoopnotica Teacher certification. I love Hoopnotica and so will YOU!