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Hooping Family Tree Project

Have I inspired you to hoop or introduced you to hooping? I would like to ask you to check out this great project, The Hooping Family Tree Project. This is a family tree of hoopers and I would love to have you added to my “branch”. It only takes a few minutes to participate and is a complete labor of love project by Lara Eastburn, writer and creator of Hooposophy. I am truly grateful for Lara’s outpouring of unconditional love to the hoop community and all her hard work to make this come to life. Please read more about this project by visiting their site:

“The Hooping Family Tree Project is a global endeavor to trace the roots of modern-day hooping and chart the
spread of hoopdance worldwide.  YOU can help! As our database grows, the information you submit will be
connected to your hooping “family,” local community, and our growing global circle. We transform the who, where,
and when of your “hooping genealogies” into colorful, visual representations.” – excerpt from