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JOY ~ Bringing hooping to a wider demographic

My joy is bringing hoop dance to the masses! Spreading the love and revolving joy to all demographics. Sharing what I love & teaching the WHOLE WORLD about the vast benefits of hula hooping & hoop dance is my goal. I feel everyone can benefit in what I have found so incredibly life changing. No prejudices, no judgements, no pre-conceived notions, no stereotypes. ALL humans are capable of hooping! You can do it with the proper equipment (like a hand crafted adult sized dance hoop – see my store for details or email me on my contact form) dedicated practice and patience.

I have the opportunity to share my art with many this August through performing at a few events that are very different from one another and will spread hooping to a brand new audience! I am so excited about working with one of my favorite event promoters in Atlanta, Mon Cherie.

Here is just one of the many opportunities to come see me perform and meet me in person. I am thrilled to bring hooping to such a diverse group of people. Spreading the LOVE ♥ ♥ ♥

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Hoopnotica class Sat 7/24 ~ 11am TANDEM HOOPING

WOWIE~~ What an amazing Saturday I have planned ♥

Hoop dance class in the morning @ 11am Pera Dance Studio!

Get ready to giggle as we try tandem hooping!

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Hoop dance *LIVE* on Channel 11 Atlanta!

For those of you with the fancy cable tv boxes, check out Channel 11 Alive Atlanta THIS Friday, July 16th and tune in to the program “Atlanta & Company” 11am-12pm
Pera Dance Studio is interviewing & you will get a chance to see a couple of our instructors doing their thing! I am thrilled to be hoop dancing for this show!

Don’t blink or you will miss me ♥

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Mon Cherie’s Rockabilly Lounge

Rockabilly Lounge is gonna be a hoopin’ good time!

With Uncle Daddy & the Kissin’ Cousins & Big City Burlesque

FREE JELLO SHOTS!!! Rockabilly Raffle featuring: SourPussClothing

I have also donated a 2hour private hoop dance class for you & a friend PLUS 2 hand crafted hoops made by yours truly! Come see my first hoop dance performance with Mon Cherie!

Be there or be SQUARE!

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Hoopnotica class tomorrow & lunch after :)

Hey hoopers!

I am so pumped about class tomorrow, looks like we are going to have a large turnout! I will be bringing a few new shiny hoops for your adopting pleasure. You will LOVE to have a hoop of your very own to take with you everywhere & practice in the comfort of your own home. Hoops range in price depending on size/decoration etc and begin at $10 each.

I am planning on heading over to Nuevo Laredo Cantina for lunch afterwards! Please come enjoy some amazing lunch & margaritas as we get to know one another beyond the typical class structure. I am planning a couple hoopy events for the future & would love to hear your thoughts as well as what dates may work for you. Here is the link to where we will go for lunch, it is literally 3 minutes from the studio.

So excited to see you tomorrow!

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Classes resume 7/10

My Hoopnotica classes at Pera Dance Studio will resume this Saturday, July 10th, 2010. I am thrilled to share with you the hipnotic tunes that I have recently acquired as well as spanky new hand crafted hula hoops that I have been working on! My home hoop making studio is up and running! Soon I will have hoops available through this site as well as my classes. My wonderful Admin and I have been working very hard. New sassy choreography has been perfected into new combo’s to share ! I will try to fit in as much as possible in the coming weeks in addition to award winning Hoopnotica curriculum. My goal is to give students a few transitions to work with on your path to creating your own special dance. Enabling you to open up into your groove and move from just simply trick hooping or waist hooping and actually dancing fluid in motion, at one with your hoop.

Check out the amazing facilities at Pera Dance Studio.
1015-B Collier Road, Atlanta, GA 30318. Love the Whole World, Join the Dance.

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Hey hoopers! If you didn’t already know, my favorite site launched the newly vamped version of their already wonderful site today! I am in LOVE with it! This site is like the ‘Holy Grail’ of all things hoopy. I have been following them since the day I first picked up my adult sized dance hoop back in Summer of 2008 (Thank you Becky Bear & Sparrow). This site has been with me every twirl and twist, all the times I dropped the hoop, every drop of sweat, the furrowing of the brows, each push and pull. I learned so many things; how to make hula hoops, tricks, flow challenges, I connected with other hoopers, and enjoyed reading about each story of hoopers in the news from all across the globe. It was on where I first found Hoopnotica and was completely thrown for a loop that their were people out there making their living by teaching and generating hoop love. has been a staple in my ‘hoop diet’ and still to this day I spend my first cup of coffee in the morning right along side of Now, it has grown into a full on hooper mecca of networking where you or your business can create profiles with photos and add groups, forums with endless information, you can advertise your business and So MUCH MORE~ Thank you to for all your hard work over the years and helping us all grow as hoopers. If you have yet to see the site I am raving about, change your life/hoop-path and click this link

As if everything they already do for the hooping community including the new 4.0 isn’t enough?! They are having some very exciting contests offering up some $1,000 worth of wicked cool prizes in celebration of today’s launch like LED hoops, fire/led hoop combo, Hooping University subscription, a Hoopnotica prize package and MORE. So join in on the fun, check out hooping for your first time and/or sign up!! I am looking forward to all of the challenges!

Congrat’s on the new site!

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2 days left to save $45 @

Save $45 on a eight class card for Pera Dance Studio by visiting (see previous blog for more details or visit the link to the left). This is a remarkable deal at only $3.75 per class, you can try all the classes at very lil out of pocket cost! Do something good for yourself this week, you deserve it!

Enjoy flying yoga, hoop dance, belly dance, Zumba, Capoeira, tango, salsa, hip hop, Aerial Jam, Zoetic or Ecstatic Dance! Check out more about Pera Dance here at See you there!