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Neil Gaiman inspiration

Hey everyone,

WOW! I habe been absent here for a bit but I’m back. How are you doing? Happy 2013! More blog time is on my long list of to-do’s for the coming year of improvements and growth.  I am going to keep it short and get into the good stuff. My good friend in California, fellow hooper and super Mom Tiffani Michelle posted this incredible speech by Neil Gaiman today and I just had to share it with you. Such an inspiration for life, especially all types of artists and anyone who craves success.

Please check it out here on YouTube in a video provided by Peter Sevecenco.

“The one thing you have that nobody else has, is YOU.” ~Neil Gaiman



Gaiman Inspiration

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I say “YES” to LIFE

Today I was inspired by yet another YouTube video. I have posted the link to the video below along with the words that inspired me so. Please take a moment to check out the video and listen for some inspiration. Thank you Wahkeena Sitka for your words.

Check out the video.

to listen to my desires
to love myself completely
to make myself happy & joyful
to be deeply fulfilled
and live in purposeful ecstasy.

My body is an Open & Receptive temple for Divinity, Joy, Bliss, Fulfillment & Soulful Purpose to embody within.

I give myself COMPLETE PERMISSION to turn myself on
to bathe in love
& to embody the grace & wisdom of feminine divinity.

I am an activated Goddess overflowing with an abundance of Love, Joy, Bliss, Self-Love, Wisdom, Life Force Energy & Soulful Healing Creativity.

I say YES to Fulfillment
I say YES to Heart Wisdom
I say YES to Authentic Desire
I say YES to Joy
I say YES to Creativity
I say YES to Sensuality
I say YES to My Soul’s Purpose
I say YES to Sexuality
I say YES to Abundance
I say YES to Freedom & Liberation
I say YES to LIFE.”   video and words by ~Wahkeena Sitka

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I am so amazed by this incredible story of a young artist, Jen Berry aka Ginberry spreading LOVE BOMBS across the globe in the form of free, hand made art to those who need it most. Please take the time to read this amazing article. Who knows, maybe you can help one another! Do you need some love? I think we should share the love with her, too.

Here is the story of Ginberry’s love mission.

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Beautiful inspiration

I was completely blown away by this story and just had to share it with you. It was posted today by two of my closest friends who live in Rochester, NY – Karlie Cary Lanni and Amanda Childs. Thank you ladies for sharing this with me. ♥

The following blog by Michael Jura was shared to me today about the story of a woman named Aimee Mullins who was born with no shin bones. She went on to become an Olympic Athlete, a model, an actress and the ultimate inspiration. I urge you to to read Michael Jura’s blog and watch the video of Aimee speaking. It is so powerful!

“…..another reminder that we have control over our thoughts, our actions, and ultimately our reality. If we can tap into the power of our human spirit, reach into our subconscious, and dictate our goals, we’re sure to achieve them.”

Read the full article