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Freedom is to BE YOURSELF without permission.

Ditch the expectations.

Accept yourself/life and the life of others around you
Just the way it is.

Love yourself.


Toss those expectations you have into the sea. Live without them. Love with no expectation.

Freedom is being YOU without permission. Thanks to Paul for the photo!
Freedom is being YOU without permission. Thanks to Paul for the photo!

‘I am open to the guidance of synchronicity, and do not let expectations hinder my path.’ ~Dalai Lama

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Within the hula hoop, relief from anxiety and depression

We all find ourselves down in the dumps from time to time.  The world is complex and things don’t always go our way.  When these feelings are compounded over a long period, they can result in anxiety and depression.

Hula hooping calms the mind and relaxes the body, which can help relieve the symptoms of anxiety.  Releasing some of the tension of everyday stress, hula hooping allows you to practice self-expression and artistically work your way through difficult times.  The meditative back-and-forth motion of the hula hoop elicits peaceful feelings.  When you’re hula hooping, the rest of the world falls away and it becomes just you and the hoop.

Like anxiety, depression can make it hard to enjoy life, but hula hooping can help bring some of that joy back.  Sadness and anger fade away as the hula hoop’s trance-like movements take your mind off everyday problems.  Hula hooping gives you time to tend to yourself and focus on the beauty of your own existence.  Jonathan Baxter, founder of the introspective hula hooping school HoopPath, said in a video interview, “When I’m within a practice space, I am not there for anyone’s enjoyment except my own.”  His own experiences with depression were alleviated when he started hula hooping on a daily basis.  Hula hooping is often referred to as a “transformative dance” because of its ability to change the mindset of the participant.

In no way is hula hooping a substitute for medical treatment.  If you are experiencing anxiety or depression, seek help from a professional.  However, hula hooping is a powerful supplement that works in tandem with other treatments.  It’s an amazing way to feel good about yourself, relax, find your focus, and have some laughs.  You may find that it’s hard not to be happy when you’re hula hooping!

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Atlanta’s one and only hula-hoop dance troupe debuts at the Goat Farm

hoop troupe
Hoop Troupe at the Goat Farm — 12 hoops, all at once!

Hoop star sighting!  The debut performance of the HoopEssence Hoop Troupe on Friday, August 10 was a smashing success.  Never before has anyone brought an act like this to the Atlanta community, and we are proud to be the first.  As part of the Summer Sounds fundraiser for 7 Stages Theater, the troupe delivered a picture-perfect choreography at the Goat Farm Arts Center using hoops in complex group formations.

Dressed in summery Hawaiian attire edged with lace, the 12 lovely ladies of the troupe were all smiles at the special luau-themed party.  Set to the electro-swing beats of Caravan Palace, we brought a modern take on a classic tradition to the stage as we used our sparkling hoops to spin, sass, and dance for the crowd.  In an unexpected deviation from the choreography’s clear-cut organization, each dancer broke out of their lines in turn to show off some of their individual talents.  We had a blast!

It was an honor to perform alongside prominent Atlanta acts, including Blair Crimmins and the Hookers, Davina and the Harlots, Ghost Bikini, Jeffrey Butzer, and the Little 5 Points Rockstar Orchestra.  The fundraiser drew hundreds of people and raised a healthy sum for 7 Stages Theater, which is presenting Dracula: The Rock Opera from September 13 to October 14.  Stay tuned for information about upcoming Hoop Troupe productions this fall!

We are delighted to bring a unique blend of hoop dance and group choreography to the stage.  If you want to surprise your guests with something vibrant that will incite energy and fun, the HoopEssence Hoop Troupe will be that inspiring act.  Book a performance with us for your next event!

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Hula Hoop Class

Book a private lesson with Rebecca DeShon, Atlanta’s Premier Hoop Dance Instructor. All private lessons are custom tailored to fit your personal goals, skill level and to fit in your busy schedule. Learn from Atlanta’s best hoop dance resource with over 4 years of experience in the industry. Rebecca DeShon has paved the way for the hoop dance revolution in Atlanta making her the most sought after instructor and performer in Georgia. Benefit from years of teaching hundreds of students of all ages.

Contact Rebecca today to get in the spin!

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Beginners Hoop Dance Class

Beginners Hula Hoop Dance PLAYshop
Saturday Sept 8, 2012

Ladies Workout Express
(This class is being taught at a Women’s only facility)

In one fun filled afternoon we will cover the fundamentals of hula hooping on our core and hands including choosing the correct hoop for your unique body/goals. We will explore hooping on different places of the core body including waist, hips, chest, shoulders and neck. We will also begin to explore hooping on the hands in vertical and horizontal planes then twirl into corkscrews.

$35 to pre-register for this fun filled 3 hour workshop. SPACE IS LIMITED! Pre-registration is strongly recommended

Come in as a bare bones beginner, to learn in your opposite current, whether you just want to perfect your own beautiful self-taught skills or as a great refresher course, all skill levels welcome. Leave with a whole lotta hoop love under your belt (and soon to be dropping from your waist line, if ya know what I mean). We will smile & laugh and yes, there will be sweating! Come find that inner child and bring them out to play! Bring a friend, co-worker or family member with you to play along to take advantage of our bring a friend special!

New to hooping? No worries! Hoops (and plenty of giggles) are provided!

What to wear: Comfortable, breathable clothes that fit are recommended. Natural fibers are best for grip! Don’t forget your water bottle!
Ladies Workout Express is a Women’s only facility.
You will have fun and be at the minimin waist hooping by the end of the full class or your MONEY BACK y’all! Guaranteed! Restrictions apply.

**Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult. This class Not suitable for children under 10.

SPACE IS LIMITED! Pre-registration is strongly recommended. Secure your space. 


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Hoop Outlook 2012

2012 is fast on the horizon! By this time next week we will have plunged head first into the new year. What a blessing to have another chance at a beautiful life!

What are your dreams and goals?
Do you know what you want?
Do you know how you are going to achieve those goals?

Let’s all take a moment to think about what we want for the new year. What are you grateful for? You can also take this time to look back on past achievements. It’s healthy to give ourselves the occasional pat on the back. It is very important to acknowledge our achievements and our goals. I find it exhausting to simply think about what I need to do. Take a moment to say thank you to yourself for all the hard work you put in! You are a super star! You deserve to be pampered and praised.

In 2012 I will establish a new relationship with my hoop. I plan to get back to the very basics of my hooping. I have already been trying to squeeze in an extra practice each day just simply waist hooping in my hoop. I have been pretty successful so far, i plan to try more and more each day. Dancing and feeling the connective vibes that got me hooked on the hoop in the first place. This of course in addition to trying to trim down my waistline at the same time. I have found myself using smaller and smaller hoops with mostly off body moves. This is wonderful however my core muscles tend to get ignored. This packs on the inches and makes it harder for the rest of my body to keep up. After all a strong core is the base for a strong body overall.
Check out Lara Eastburn of Hooposophy writes here a wonderful article on getting back in the saddle, Back to Basics.

We can apply this philosophy to our lives in many different forms. I plan to get back to the basics in my eating habits. Back to natural & raw foods, juice fasting, less meat and even less processed goods than I already consume (which is very little). Adding more of the basics in exercise -core hooping, walking, jogging; hiking and dancing outside my hoop, too. I look forward to having a new perspective on some old tricks and frolicking in the meadows more often. I wish to be more open and aware. Less judgmental of myself and in turn in others. I want to see the World through the innocence of a child, ever longing for knowledge and filled with hope in all things.


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Change the World, One Hoop at a Time

The Hooping Life Film release is FINALLY here after 6yrs in the making this January 2012. Until now the film was only available for screenings at past film festivals including: 2010 Art Basel Miami Beach, 2010 Montreal World Film Festival, 2010 Sarasota Film Festival and 2010 Santa Cruz Film Festival. I am ecstatic to be bringing this screening (one show only) to my home in Atlanta.

The hard work and dedication does not stop here however, we still need to come together and make this as successful as we can. Do you have any ideas? I am open to hearing anything you have to say. Also if you or your business would like to become involved, let me know also. We will need volunteers for street team promotions, box office sales, ushers, spokespeople and vendors. I will be offering sponsorship levels, advertising for the program and more. Contact me for more info!

“With nothing more than a hula-hoop, they set out to change the world.
A full-length feature documentary, THE HOOPING LIFE consists of intimately video-blogged portraits of a subculture where art is a life-saver, –it’s liberating, and off the radar. Through interconnected stories, The Hooping Life takes the hula hoop from its origins as a child’s toy to its current status as club art form, teacher’s aid, and instrument of redemption. Filmed partly by the subjects themselves, and traveling from Burning Man to Time Square, from South Central to South Africa, the seven intimate portraits capture the birth and addictive growth of a new subculture.” excerpt from

The Hooping Life Film
The Hooping Life Film
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Survive the holidays with HOOPING!

I love this article so much I just had to share it with you! It’s another beauty from, of course. Be sure to check out the site, it updates every day with loads of great info.  Thanks to Abby Shwartz for posting it! You can find the original article here.

“5 Ways Hooping Can Help You Survive the Holidays”

by Abby Shwarts

by Abby Schwartz

“Lately my life has been a blur, and it is not the happy spinning kind created in the hoop. It is that time of the year again, when Halloween skids into Thanksgiving, which careens into Christmas before crashing into the New Year. I don’t know why it surprises me every year, but it does.

For me, the same patterns emerge annually: my intake of sugar increases with Halloween, continues through the handful of family birthdays we celebrate in November (right now there is a piece of cake taunting me from my refrigerator), and it only gets worse as the parties begin and people start gifting cookies and candy and baked treats. Every year, my scale climbs as the holiday season builds in intensity. Add to that the stress of trying to “get it all done” before the end of the calendar year, and it is no wonder I start each January with the same resolutions of losing weight, exercising regularly, de-stressing and finding balance. I could be good all year and then October 31st hits, and boom…it all comes crashing down.

I want to break that pattern this year and I am going to do so using my favorite go-to tool: my friend, the hoop. Here are five ways hooping can help us survive the holidays.

1. Hooping forces us to slow down. When I start getting super busy, I start dropping the things in my life I actually need the most: social time with friends, regular workouts, and playtime. It seems counterintuitive to put aside those things that “should” get done for those that are just for fun, but fun plays an important role in recharging our batteries so we don’t burn out. For me, fun provides the added bonus of bringing creative inspiration — something that I need to perform well in my job as a writer and designer. I am going to make a point of stopping each day to put aside what I am doing and lose myself in the hoop. Even if all I can manage is 10 minutes at a time, it will give me a much-needed opportunity to regroup.

2. Hooping can help prevent the creep of holiday weight gain. Calories in versus calories out. Simple enough, but most of us end up eating more and exercising less this time of the year. Given what we now know (but always suspected) about hooping as an aerobic exercise burning approximately 210 calories per 30-minute session, just a half-hour of waist hooping alone can counteract that extra piece of pumpkin pie that you snuck back into the kitchen to snarf down.

3. Hooping helps balance the blues. Many people have a difficult time emotionally during the holidays, for a number of reasons. This Thanksgiving and the coming holidays will be touched by sadness for me since it will be the first time celebrating without my dad. While it cannot change the circumstances that cause sadness, hooping has been known to boost the spirits with its calming, rocking motion and massage-like feel. I’ve heard countless testimonials from people, including Hoop Path founder, Baxter, who credit hooping with helping them cope with depression. You’ve got nothing to lose but the blues.

4. A hoop is a reminder of what really matters. This time of year, we are bombarded with advertising messages that push us to spend, spend, spend on big-ticket items like electronics and cars and furniture. We are encouraged to be the first in line on Black Friday to fight the crowds for special deals. Seriously, I can’t stomach Walmart at 4 p.m., let alone 3 a.m. Now put all that noise and pressure aside for a moment and consider the joyful simplicity of the hoop. It is a ring of plastic that is decorated with pretty colors. It is fun to play with and makes people smile. Pick up your hoop and remember for a few minutes that for most of us, it is the little things that create happiness. Yes, it is fun to get a new iPad, but the novelty of just about everything fades in time, and what remains are the small pleasures like spinning inside a hoop or figuring out a new hoop move.

5. Establish a hoop habit now and start the new year right. One of my regrets of the last few months has been falling out of my hoop habit. I’d really like to get back to hooping a minimum of 30 minutes a day, most days of the week. Instead of waiting until January 1st to pull the trigger on that resolution, I am going to start right now. They say it takes 21 days to start a habit. By the time New Year’s rolls around, I will be in a happier place mentally and physically thanks to a return to my hoop practice. And, I can take advantage of the post-holiday sales to rock a new pair of jeans. Maybe even a smaller size!

Hoopy holidays, everyone!” ~Abby Schwartz

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Intermediate Hoop Class: Isolations & Variations

Hello hoopers! I know everyone is on the edge of their seats about the upcoming Intermediate classes at Ladies Workout Express Atlanta. I unfortunately did not know/realize until today that my start date, May 28th, that LWE was closing early for the holiday weekend. Unfortunately, we will NOT be able to begin this series until Saturday, June 4th at 1pm due to the holiday. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you! It is out of my control. I am splitting up each class instead of having a series to (hopefully) accommodate your busy Summer schedule if you can not make it to each event. Each class will cover the same things as previously stated and will still be 1.5 hours in length at only $20 per class.

Below you will find further information for this class. Please call me with any questions.


Intermediate hoop dance mini- series coming your way at Ladies Workout Express Atlanta 1-2:30pm

Pre-requisites: At the very least a firm grasp of hooping on waist & hand hooping.. These moves will increase strength in your arms, hands wrist, shoulders and back. While this class is on a more intermediate level, no one will be turned away. Beginners are welcome.
**A lighter weight and smaller hoop is strongly recommended for these moves to help you progress and alleviate muscle strain. It will be much easier to learn these moves with a smaller hoop**
Isolations & optical illusions
Covering an introductory curriculum for one and two handed isolations, object manipulation, and optical illusions with your inside and outside grip variations on your hoop. We will also discuss/practice how to add these isolations into your own hoop dance style.
Please bring water and dress comfortably for this class

More information to follow! Sign up for the newsletter so you don’t miss out at for more details
This class is $20 for the 1.5 hour class allowing more time to cover the new material. These lessons will require practice on your own to perfect. Be patient with yourself and know there is always room to grow.