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Hula hoop class @ Wigwam Festival Atlanta



Not your mama’s hula hoop! Modern hula hoop dance is a fun aerobic activity that strengthens the whole body; blending a mind-body connection that improves, balance, coordination as well as flexibility. Hooping burns up to 100 calories every ten minutes. Get ready for a fun filled full-body experience that will hook you from the very beginning! We will learn foundations of hula hooping and slowly add tricks/techniques that will blast open infinite possibilities. Think that “you can’t hoop”? No worries, no experience required. Hoops and smiles provided – Come ready to laugh, dance, move and get into the groove!


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Hula Hooping Fitness ACE Study

The American Council for Exercise sponsored research on hula hoop for fitness and found incredible results!


“Hooping compares pretty favorably with most other group classes, in terms of heart rate and calorie burn,” says Porcari. In fact, exercisers can expect similar results from hooping as they’d get from boot-camp classes, step aerobics and cardio kickboxing—all of which meet fitness industry criteria for improving cardiovascular fitness (Table 1). Also, by burning approximately 210 calories per 30-minute session, hooping falls within accepted guidelines for exercise that can contribute to weight management”

AMAZING! Click here for the original study. 

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Hula hoop for fun and fitness

An intense hula hooping session makes you feel the burn and drip the sweat.  Just a few minutes of that will get your pores pouring!  You may think that you’re burning a few calories here and there, but not enough to shed any pounds.  And that may be true if you’re just picking up the hoop for a few moments.  Hula hooping can in fact result in dramatic weight loss results, and like any other form of exercise, requires commitment and time spent.

Power couple Jen and Keith Moore brought the fitness magic of hula hooping to national attention with their epic story of losing a total of 300 pounds put together with help from the hoop.  A tragic loss of their second child, who was stillborn, led them into a downward spiral of bad eating habits to comfort their pain.  After feeling the social stigma of their resulting obesity and needing a change, they sought out a way to manage their weight issues and discovered hula hooping through Hoopnotica.  In an interview with WHAM Channel 13 in Rochester, NY, Jen Moore said, “Anytime I’d feel like I wanted to turn to food again, and overeat, and be stressed out, I would grab my hoop.”  They’re now passing on the wisdom by empowering others as hula hooping instructors.  Earlier this year, the couple was featured on the ABC show The Revolution.

Science backs up the anecdotes about the positive physical impact of hula hooping.  A study conducted by the University of Wisconsin La Crosse and published in the American Council on Exercise found that 30 minutes of hula hooping via an instructional video is equivalent to the same amount of time spent doing workouts like boot camp and cardio kickboxing classes.  In just one session, participants burned an average of 210 calories, or 7 calories per minute!  That’s enough to earn hula hooping the seal of approval from the American College of Sports Medicine as a form of exercise that is useful for weight management.

Hula ooping moves can work the abs, shoulders, arms, legs, and essentially all major “problem areas” of the body.  You may find that just like fun hula hooping moments can elicit a spontaneous smile, you may also lose inches, gain strength, and improve overall fitness without even realizing it.

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The Hooping Life Celebrities: Shaquille O’Neal a.k.a Shaq

Shaquille O’Neal a.k.a. Shaq, 39, Los Angeles, California.

Shaquille O'Neal in The Hooping Life Film
Shaquille O’Neal in The Hooping Life Film

“In the Hooping Life, you will see masters of the hula-hoop like you’ve never seen before.”
“You can do many things with the hula-hoop: conditioning, staying out of trouble and competing with your friends.”
– Shaq, Hooper/ Hooper

More on Shaq at

Find out more about The Hooping Life Film Atlanta Screening Party on Friday, February 24! Tickets available now!

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The Hooping Life Celebrities: Jeffrey Butler

Jeffrey Butler, 20, South Central, California

Jeffery Butler from the hooping-life film
Jeffery Butler from the hooping-life film

“Hooping is the business like in the streets we don’t have this, it makes me feel singular, like really unique. I feel like my own person. I’m like Jeffrey Star can’t nobody be like me. I can do my own creations.”
– Jeffrey, stand-out student and assistant teacher in Tisha’s hip-hophoop program.

More on Jeffrey:

Find out more about The Hooping Life Film Atlanta Screening Party on Friday, February 24! Tickets available now!

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The Hooping Life Celebrities: Anah Reichenback a.k.a “Hoopalicious”

Anah Reichenbach a.k.a. Hoopalicious, 35, Hollywood, California.

Anah Reichenbach, Hoopalicious from the Hooping-Life film
Anah Reichenbach, Hoopalicious from the Hooping-Life film

“The hooping life infects your soul…You gotta decide: are you going to hide it, or are you gonna be proud and just state Yeah, I’m A HOOPER.”
– Anah a.k.a. “Hoopalicious”, an early pioneer of the hooping movement

More on Anah at

Find out more about The Hooping Life Film Atlanta Screening Party on Friday, February 24! Tickets available now!

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Free hoop dance demo ATL 9/1

I am so thrilled to announce that I will be hooping and playing at the East Atlanta Village Farmers Market for a couple Thursdays this September. I really LOVE this neighborhood market and am so happy to be a part of it. My husband and I recently purchased a home about 1 mile from this Farmers Market location in the great neighborhood of East Atlanta Village. I encourage you to come check out the market and try out one of my hand crafted dance & fitness hoops. Hoop dance is a great way to stay in shape, release your creativity, reduce stress, have fun and so much more. Come see what all the hoopla is about! Free demos & I will answer all your questions. Come check hoop dance out for yourself, with no obligations. All classes and entertainment are free! I will be on the Stokeswood Avenue side of the market in the grassy are of the Edible Learning Garden. So excited! I wonder what flavor King Of Pops popsicle I will try this week?

More info about the market:

What: Fall from Summer Festival

Where: The East Atlanta Village Farmers Market

561 Flat Shoals Ave
Atlanta, GA 30316
When: Thursday, September 1   4pm – 8pm

Info: “Goat cheese, whirled peas, and fall please!

Come celebrate the changing of seasons with a fall gardening class, goat milking and cheese making demo, special market beer, hula hooping lesson and so much more at the EAV Farmers Market this Thursday!

Fall Planning and Planting Workshop with Kyla Zaro-Moore
Come learn how to transition from a summer to fall vegetable garden with expert Kyla Zaro-Moore. She’ll be covering:
• Fall crops: what, when, where and how
• Companion planting
• Crop rotations within raised beds and small spaces
• Soil 101
• Seed starting
In this free hands-on workshop using the EAVFM Edible Learning Garden as your classroom, you will get all the info you need to start your own fall vegetable garden at home. Class begins at 5:00 and will last approximately 45 minutes.

Terrapin EAV Farmers Market Special Cask
Terrapin Beer has crafted an experimental EAV Farmers Market Cask. This cask of golden Ale has aged for a month with a melody of herbs from the EAV Farmers Market. Cask will be tapped this Thursday at the Midway Pub and will be available in limited supply. All proceeds will support the EAV Farmers Market. Come taste this truly unique beer!

Goat Cheese: from Pasture to Plate
Come milk a real live goat at the market this Thursday and learn to make cheese from scratch. Mary from Decimal Place Goat Farm will be showing you how to milk from 5:00- 5:45 and then doing a goat cheese making demo at 6:00. Come see all the stages of cheese making first hand – a special experience for foodies and kids alike.

Learn to ‘hoop like a pro…
In case that wasn’t enough to do, professional hula hoop instructor, Rebecca DeShon, will be teaching informal free lessons on mastering the art of hula hooping in the Edible Learning Garden.

All classes are free and open to the public. Come join the fun at the East Atlanta Village Farmers Market and Edible Learning Garden.”

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Thurs hoop classes-Roswell

Hooping in Roswell has moved to Thursday evenings! I will be teaching another Hooping 101 Series. We will have a varied skill level of beginners in this class series. Whether you have been hooping since you were a kid or could never keep it up, this class is for you! Connect with other members of your community, burn up to 100 calories every 10 minutes, get in touch with your inner child and just have FUN!! Hoops are provided.

New series taught by Atlanta’s most experienced hoop instructor, Rebecca DeShon! Join us in Roswell for Hooping 101: Hoop Dance for Beginners Level 1 & 2

Join HoopEssence founder & Certified Hoopntica Instructor, Rebecca DeShon to learn the basics of hooping and the foundations for hoop dance and hooping fitness.

No experience or dance background required!

Class series is 5 weeks, 1 hour classes at 6pm on Thursdays July 28st -Aug 25th. Purchase the series just $12 per class when paid in advance, hoops are provided.

SPACE IS LIMITED! Please register online to secure your space. Drop ins are allowed at a rate of $15 per class and your space is not guaranteed. Pre-register for the series here:

Child Development Atlanta
89 Grove Way
Roswell, GA 30075

Enter the building on the main level, immediately to your right you will see an door to West Hall (Stairs) enter the door and follow the stairs down to the main hall.

Need a hoop of your own? All HoopEssence hoops are hand crafted works of functional art! Email OR visit our website shop Hoops will also be available for purchase in class.


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Join Atlanta Hoop Dance on

Hello lovelies! I have created a group on for Atlanta Hoop Dance. Please join up and help me spread the joy of hooping to the masses. Join us for classes, jams, potlucks and more. Whether you are a hoop pro or never could quite “get it”, this group is for you! We are hooping for fitness and exercise, fun, stress reduction, creative self expression, building coordination and balance, sound body and mind. I love to dance and feel the music! Won’t you join us?

If you are new to, it is a free and fun service for attendees (only organizers of groups must pay dues).

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Hoop with me at Atlanta Expo 2011-American Diabetes Association

HoopEssence is teaming up with the American Diabetes Association for the Atlanta Diabetes EXPO at the GA World Congress Center on April 9th! Look out for interactive hoop dance demos & information by yours truly all day long.  “Atlanta Expo works hard to help educate people on the challenges & devastation that this disease can cause & provide resources for the community. Their goal is to empower people towards improved health.”

My own Father struggles daily with the devastating affect of diabetes. Both of his parents had it and is his sister also suffers from the disease. It has taken the lives of loves ones and friends so this is a very important cause to me. I believe hooping can be used as a very powerful tool for prevention of diabetes and obesity as well as can be an amazing exercise for those who deal with it daily. Hooping is no to low impact and anyone can do it!

More information on Atlanta Expo.