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Hoop Outlook 2012

2012 is fast on the horizon! By this time next week we will have plunged head first into the new year. What a blessing to have another chance at a beautiful life!

What are your dreams and goals?
Do you know what you want?
Do you know how you are going to achieve those goals?

Let’s all take a moment to think about what we want for the new year. What are you grateful for? You can also take this time to look back on past achievements. It’s healthy to give ourselves the occasional pat on the back. It is very important to acknowledge our achievements and our goals. I find it exhausting to simply think about what I need to do. Take a moment to say thank you to yourself for all the hard work you put in! You are a super star! You deserve to be pampered and praised.

In 2012 I will establish a new relationship with my hoop. I plan to get back to the very basics of my hooping. I have already been trying to squeeze in an extra practice each day just simply waist hooping in my hoop. I have been pretty successful so far, i plan to try more and more each day. Dancing and feeling the connective vibes that got me hooked on the hoop in the first place. This of course in addition to trying to trim down my waistline at the same time. I have found myself using smaller and smaller hoops with mostly off body moves. This is wonderful however my core muscles tend to get ignored. This packs on the inches and makes it harder for the rest of my body to keep up. After all a strong core is the base for a strong body overall.
Check out Lara Eastburn of Hooposophy writes here a wonderful article on getting back in the saddle, Back to Basics.

We can apply this philosophy to our lives in many different forms. I plan to get back to the basics in my eating habits. Back to natural & raw foods, juice fasting, less meat and even less processed goods than I already consume (which is very little). Adding more of the basics in exercise -core hooping, walking, jogging; hiking and dancing outside my hoop, too. I look forward to having a new perspective on some old tricks and frolicking in the meadows more often. I wish to be more open and aware. Less judgmental of myself and in turn in others. I want to see the World through the innocence of a child, ever longing for knowledge and filled with hope in all things.


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Change the World, One Hoop at a Time

The Hooping Life Film release is FINALLY here after 6yrs in the making this January 2012. Until now the film was only available for screenings at past film festivals including: 2010 Art Basel Miami Beach, 2010 Montreal World Film Festival, 2010 Sarasota Film Festival and 2010 Santa Cruz Film Festival. I am ecstatic to be bringing this screening (one show only) to my home in Atlanta.

The hard work and dedication does not stop here however, we still need to come together and make this as successful as we can. Do you have any ideas? I am open to hearing anything you have to say. Also if you or your business would like to become involved, let me know also. We will need volunteers for street team promotions, box office sales, ushers, spokespeople and vendors. I will be offering sponsorship levels, advertising for the program and more. Contact me for more info!

“With nothing more than a hula-hoop, they set out to change the world.
A full-length feature documentary, THE HOOPING LIFE consists of intimately video-blogged portraits of a subculture where art is a life-saver, –it’s liberating, and off the radar. Through interconnected stories, The Hooping Life takes the hula hoop from its origins as a child’s toy to its current status as club art form, teacher’s aid, and instrument of redemption. Filmed partly by the subjects themselves, and traveling from Burning Man to Time Square, from South Central to South Africa, the seven intimate portraits capture the birth and addictive growth of a new subculture.” excerpt from

The Hooping Life Film
The Hooping Life Film
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I say “YES” to LIFE

Today I was inspired by yet another YouTube video. I have posted the link to the video below along with the words that inspired me so. Please take a moment to check out the video and listen for some inspiration. Thank you Wahkeena Sitka for your words.

Check out the video.

to listen to my desires
to love myself completely
to make myself happy & joyful
to be deeply fulfilled
and live in purposeful ecstasy.

My body is an Open & Receptive temple for Divinity, Joy, Bliss, Fulfillment & Soulful Purpose to embody within.

I give myself COMPLETE PERMISSION to turn myself on
to bathe in love
& to embody the grace & wisdom of feminine divinity.

I am an activated Goddess overflowing with an abundance of Love, Joy, Bliss, Self-Love, Wisdom, Life Force Energy & Soulful Healing Creativity.

I say YES to Fulfillment
I say YES to Heart Wisdom
I say YES to Authentic Desire
I say YES to Joy
I say YES to Creativity
I say YES to Sensuality
I say YES to My Soul’s Purpose
I say YES to Sexuality
I say YES to Abundance
I say YES to Freedom & Liberation
I say YES to LIFE.”   video and words by ~Wahkeena Sitka

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World Hoop Day 2011 in Atlanta

WORLD HOOP DAY is 11/11/2011

I encourage you to seek more information via their website, This is a not for profit organization who has worked to donate adult sized hoops to children all over the globe as a tool to “bring joy to an otherwise devastating situation”. Hoopers all over the globe unite and celebrate, host fundraisers and share the love of hooping on this day. We in Atlanta will congregate at a TBD location to celebrate together. Learn the World Hoop Day dance with me! We will practice this dance on our own and when we come together on 11/11/11 we will dance as one! I am so excited about this! Here is part one of the choreography

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Hooping 201: Hoop Dance on Body Foundations

SUNDAY’S 10/9-10/30 @ Ladies Workout Express in Atlanta, GA by Hoopnotica Certified Instructor  Rebeccca DeShon 1pm-2pm (Hoops are always provided)

Learn chest hooping, shoulder hooping, angles and barrel rolls, leg hooping & kick outs plus MORE. This class is for the advanced beginner however anyone can benefit from this class. This class is taught as a module as each class will build upon the former so you will gain the greatest benefit from attending all classes if you can. $15 per class. $55 for the series. Save $5 when when you sign up for the series.  Register on line or pay up front at the beginning of the first class to save.

Come join the revolution! Bring water and dress in comfortable clothing that fits, natural fibers are best for added grip! Exposed arm, shoulder and legs can be helpful when learning these foundational moves. Any one may join this class and it will require practice on your own to master each move. Looking forward to seeing you in one of my Atlanta hooping classes!

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Hooping 101: Beginner Hoop Dance Series

SATURDAY’s  10/1-10/29 1:15-2:15pm (Hoops are always provided)

NO CLASS 10/22 Come hoop in the parade (2:30pm lineup) & show off your new skills!

Time for another beginner hoop dance series at Ladies Workout Express! I will be teaching beginner basics of hooping to give you the foundations for your own special hoop dance. No experience or dance background required! Learn the foundations of hooping on your waist while adding arm movements, dancing around inside your hoop, basic off body moves/hand hooping and corkscrews. This class is taught as a module and each class will build upon the former so you will gain the greatest benefit from attending all classes if you can.  $15 per class. $55 for the series. Save $5 when when you sign up for the entire series. Register on line through my web store. Space is limited! Email me to secure your space & pay in full at the beginning of the first class to save

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Intermediate Hoop Class: Isolations & Variations

Hello hoopers! I know everyone is on the edge of their seats about the upcoming Intermediate classes at Ladies Workout Express Atlanta. I unfortunately did not know/realize until today that my start date, May 28th, that LWE was closing early for the holiday weekend. Unfortunately, we will NOT be able to begin this series until Saturday, June 4th at 1pm due to the holiday. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you! It is out of my control. I am splitting up each class instead of having a series to (hopefully) accommodate your busy Summer schedule if you can not make it to each event. Each class will cover the same things as previously stated and will still be 1.5 hours in length at only $20 per class.

Below you will find further information for this class. Please call me with any questions.


Intermediate hoop dance mini- series coming your way at Ladies Workout Express Atlanta 1-2:30pm

Pre-requisites: At the very least a firm grasp of hooping on waist & hand hooping.. These moves will increase strength in your arms, hands wrist, shoulders and back. While this class is on a more intermediate level, no one will be turned away. Beginners are welcome.
**A lighter weight and smaller hoop is strongly recommended for these moves to help you progress and alleviate muscle strain. It will be much easier to learn these moves with a smaller hoop**
Isolations & optical illusions
Covering an introductory curriculum for one and two handed isolations, object manipulation, and optical illusions with your inside and outside grip variations on your hoop. We will also discuss/practice how to add these isolations into your own hoop dance style.
Please bring water and dress comfortably for this class

More information to follow! Sign up for the newsletter so you don’t miss out at for more details
This class is $20 for the 1.5 hour class allowing more time to cover the new material. These lessons will require practice on your own to perfect. Be patient with yourself and know there is always room to grow.

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First Friday’s at LWE April 1st

Every first Friday of the month I teach a class at Ladies Workout Express in Atlanta. This is the perfect introductory class for a new hooper, someone who wants to blast calories while having fun or for anyone wanting to kick up their skill level a notch. You do NOT have to be a member of Ladies Workout Express to attend these sessions.

This is your chance to give it a whirl if you have been wondering what its all about. Learn some new moves, connect with other women in your community through movement. See why hooping is making such a big come back. No experience or dance background required. Rebecca DeShon’s hoop dance classes have been featured on CBS Better Mornings, Ch. 11 Alive, Atlanta INtown Paper & the North Side Neighbor Newspaper.

This monthly class will introduce you to the benefits of hooping, the various types of hoops & their uses/benefits, basic hooping skills along with advice & drills on how to maximize your workout with proper form.

You do not have to be a member to attend this fun filled class. Members are free.
Non-members will be offered the low price of just $15 for this class. What a deal!

Wear comfortable clothes that fit & allow for freedom of movement. Natural fibers are best for grip. Footwear is optional as the studio is carpeted if you prefer to remove your shoes for class. Bring water for maximum hydration as hooping IS a cardio workout.

You may RSVP for this class via Facebook.

Please contact us directly for more information.

Ladies Workout Express Atlanta

2865 N. Druid Hills Road
Atlanta, GA 30329





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Listening to my body

Hello you,

How have ya been? It seems like so much has happened so fast yet nothing at all in the past 5 days since my accident. Time seems to be flying by and standing still. Last Friday’s car accident has left me in a whirlwind of emotions. Am I going to be teaching again, will I feel pain for the rest of my life, how much will this cost me, how long will I be out of work, will my loved ones get tired of taking care of me? And so much more.

I am not accustomed to taking the pills that have been prescribed for me, so they alone have been something to conquer. With 5 days past now, 3 doctors visits and more to go. I have decided to YES TEACH HOOP CLASS THIS WEEKEND! Yes both Pera Dance & Ladies Workout Express. Does this mean that I am feeling 100%, nope not even 80% but I will give it 60%. Muscle spasms are severe and I am coping with them best as I can. I know however, that my body will not get better if I don’t give it a little bit of movement. I trust that by Saturday I will be able to teach the two classes. I may still be stiff and in pain but I do know that I must get back to moving my body. It has been 5 days of not much movement at all. Sitting at the computer even typing this now is nearly unbearable. But standing is much better. My body is so used to moving around all the time, for hours at a time that I feel my stiffness may be increased by laying around. Now that the doc has confirmed that I should be doing light movement UP TO the pain, not THROUGH the pain I feel it is best to get some class time in. My students radiation of love and light will help me to heal. I love each and every student, it is heart breaking to miss a class.

I am thankful that I can stand and walk somewhat normally, five days ago I was limping at best. I still can’t pick up my cat or lift anything heavy. It will take some time for that to heal up completely. I am seeking help from a Physical Therapist, Reflexologist, Reiki Master and LMT. It may not be a short road to recovery, but I will heal.

Thank you for all the kind thoughts, words, prayers, emails, phone calls, text messages, tweets and taking care of me. Thank you so much for understanding last weeks last minute class cancellation as I had no way of covering the classes by the time I was discharged from the ER. I will be handing out discount cards and coupons for hoops this weekend, be sure you get yours! Only available in class.

Call with questions, please.

Thanks again. Rebecca