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2012 Hoop classes Atlanta

Just a quick note (full details in the newsletter to come THIS Monday) that I will be beginning another series at Ladies Workout Express this January~

Sundays Jan 8-29th 1pm – 2:30 pm

Purchase a class card for a discounted rate. Otherwise $15 drop in ($12 with class card).  Contact me for questions.

January 8, 2012, 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm

Ladies Workout Express

2865 North Druid Hills Road NE

Atlanta, GA 30329

4 Sundays, 1.5 hour per class! Beginners 101 & 102
No experience or dance background required! We will begin with waist hooping, hip hooping, halo, passing, corkscrews and more! We will set a basic foundation for you to add dance in your hoop~ Learn all the foundational moves in class so you can practice and perfect them, incorporating your own style of movement to create your HOOP DANCE. We will only learn the basics of each move for you to practice and master in between classes. This is a dance class. You will burn lots of calories all with a smile on your face! Reconnect with your inner child, come hoop!

Hoops are provided. I will also have a limited number of hoops for sale at a discounted rate for students. It will be essential to have a hoop of your own to practice each move in order to master them. You will feel more empowered in class and in your hoop journey after having practiced at home.

You must pre-register for this class. Space is limited. Sign up by purchasing the class card or drop me a line if you have questions.

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Pera hoop dance class dates

Drop in classes — Multi-levels Hoop Dance Class:

Pera Dance Studio 11am-12pm (Hoops are always provided)

Dates: SAT 9/24, SAT 10/1, SAT 10/08, SAT 10/15

All levels are welcome, drop ins are encouraged. Your first visit to Pera is free, just be sure to mention it at the front desk. This class is for all levels and has a more organic feel that most of my other series sessions.  This is the perfect time to try out hooping for yourself in a relaxed group setting. Pera Dance Studio offers your first visit to their studio for FREE. So why not use your free class to try out HOOP DANCE. You will be happy that you did. PLEASE NOTE: ALWAYS CHECK MY WEBSITE CALENDAR to be sure we are having classes at Pera for the particular date you plan to attend. This class will soon be changing.


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Listening to my body

Hello you,

How have ya been? It seems like so much has happened so fast yet nothing at all in the past 5 days since my accident. Time seems to be flying by and standing still. Last Friday’s car accident has left me in a whirlwind of emotions. Am I going to be teaching again, will I feel pain for the rest of my life, how much will this cost me, how long will I be out of work, will my loved ones get tired of taking care of me? And so much more.

I am not accustomed to taking the pills that have been prescribed for me, so they alone have been something to conquer. With 5 days past now, 3 doctors visits and more to go. I have decided to YES TEACH HOOP CLASS THIS WEEKEND! Yes both Pera Dance & Ladies Workout Express. Does this mean that I am feeling 100%, nope not even 80% but I will give it 60%. Muscle spasms are severe and I am coping with them best as I can. I know however, that my body will not get better if I don’t give it a little bit of movement. I trust that by Saturday I will be able to teach the two classes. I may still be stiff and in pain but I do know that I must get back to moving my body. It has been 5 days of not much movement at all. Sitting at the computer even typing this now is nearly unbearable. But standing is much better. My body is so used to moving around all the time, for hours at a time that I feel my stiffness may be increased by laying around. Now that the doc has confirmed that I should be doing light movement UP TO the pain, not THROUGH the pain I feel it is best to get some class time in. My students radiation of love and light will help me to heal. I love each and every student, it is heart breaking to miss a class.

I am thankful that I can stand and walk somewhat normally, five days ago I was limping at best. I still can’t pick up my cat or lift anything heavy. It will take some time for that to heal up completely. I am seeking help from a Physical Therapist, Reflexologist, Reiki Master and LMT. It may not be a short road to recovery, but I will heal.

Thank you for all the kind thoughts, words, prayers, emails, phone calls, text messages, tweets and taking care of me. Thank you so much for understanding last weeks last minute class cancellation as I had no way of covering the classes by the time I was discharged from the ER. I will be handing out discount cards and coupons for hoops this weekend, be sure you get yours! Only available in class.

Call with questions, please.

Thanks again. Rebecca

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December hoop dance classes in Atlanta

Hello beautiful hoopers & soon to be hoop dancers!

I am so thrilled at the progress all of you current students have made so far with your hoop dance skills. BRAVO! You deserve a pat on the back 🙂 Keep up the good work! Please be sure to keep in contact with me and feel free to ask any questions you may have. I love my students and appreciate your feedback.

To all the soon to be hoopers- WELCOME! I am so thrilled to be the opportunity to share with you and am here for all your hoopy needs. You were born to hoop dance! With my next generation, hand crafted hoops you will be hooping like a HOOP STAR in no time at all. Practice makes improvements!

New Saturday classes for your hooping pleasure at Ladies Workout Express Atlanta.

Saturday December 4,  1pm-2:30pm at LWE  INTRO TO HOOPING: Beginners Basics

This class is an introduction to hoop dance. You will learn the proper way to keep the hoop on your waist / hips walking, marching and dancing. We will learn off body moves to work out the arms and incorporate ways to increase your calorie burning while dancing in your hoop. We will also learn how to move the hoop on and off the body in a beautiful spiral plus much more. Hoops are provided for this class. Pre-registration is preferred to secure your space. You do NOT have to be a member to enjoy this class. No experience or dance background required ~ All fitness levels welcome.

Take advantage of this holiday special of only $15 for this 1.5 hour class by registering by Friday December 3rd in my webstore. Save $5! Drop ins are $20.

Saturday December 18,  1pm-2:30pm at LWE  Beginners: Level 2

In this class we will explore hooping on the chest, shoulders, legs, behind the back, angles, barrel rolls & incorporate jump throughs from all angles. You will learn fancy footwork to kick your hoop dance up a notch. The possibilities are endless! Pre-requisites to this class are hooping on the waist while walking, halo OR lasso and hand hooping. Hoops are provided for this class OR  you may bring your own. Pre registration is recommended to secure your space. $15 class or $13 for members of Ladies Workout Express. You do NOT have to a member to attend. If you would like to attend but prefer to pay when you arrive, cash or check will be accepted however please email me to secure your space. Register online here.

Take advantage of this holiday special of only $15 for this 1.5 hour class by registering by Thursday December 16th in my webstore. Save $5! Drop ins are $20.

♦Level 2 6 week Winter class series will begin on Saturday January 8th. Attend the December 18th class for discounts on the Winter series.

♥Saturday 11am classes are still going strong at Pera Dance Studio. This is a beginners level 1 & 2 class. No pre-registration is required. Drop ins are welcome.

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Free Hoop Dance class & a new class schedule

FREE INTRO TO HOOPNOTICA Hoop Dance class at Ladies Workout Express & a new class series

What is all the hoopla about?! Well now is your chance to find out, with no obligations! I am offering a FREE Intro to Hoopnotica Hoop Dance class at Ladies Workout Express on Saturday September 25 at 1pm. This class will introduce you to all the amazing benefits of hula hooping and show you just what hoop dance is all about. I will have loads of hoops on hand for you to spin and will give you basic instruction on waist hooping and moving around with the hoop on your waist. We will discuss the countless options of each type of hoop and you will have the opportunity to try each one out for yourself. I will demonstrate just how much you can do with a modern hula hoop and you will burn calories without even realizing you are exercising. This will be a fun and very informative class. Bring your smile and a bottle of water! Come give hoop dance a whirl, what are you waiting for?

Ladies & Gents I am thrilled to share with you a brand new class series! I will be teaching a Beginner Hoopnotica Hoop Dance series at Ladies Workout Express in Toco Hills. In this class we will learn all the foundations of hoop dance while burning up to 600 calories in one hour! You will laugh, smile and giggle away your stress and build core strength with my hand crafted hoops. This is a 6 week class series and we will kick it off with the FREE Intro to Hoopnotica class on Saturday, September 25 at 1pm. The series will begin the week immediately following, October 2nd at 1pm and will continue each week to Saturday November 6.

Register for the series for the full 6 week series for $72  PLUS the FREE INTRO TO HOOPNOTICA class.  Use your PayPal account or pay by cash or check at the beginning of class. If you wish to hold space for yourself, registration is strongly recommended. OCT 2 – NOV 6.
Don’t miss out on the fun!

What are the physical, mental & emotional benefits of Hoopnotica® Hoopdance?

Physical Benefits:
Builds core strength
Tones your entire body
Provides an intense cardiovascular workout
No to Low Impact
Increases energy
Develops balance and coordination
Increases flexibility
Mental/Emotional Benefits:
Clears and quiets the mind
Reduces stress
Improves self confidence
Generates joy and laughter
Improves one’s mood
Opens up creative self expression