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Contest & Miss Rosie Tour de Hoop in ATL

Thank you for your continued support of hooping and my classes, performances, workshops and hoop jams! I really appreciate all of your enthusiasm and wonderful positive energy. YOU – my students, fans & friends inspire me to keep reaching for the stars. Without your constant love and support, I would not be able to keep at the pace I run. My deepest gratitude and love to you all. I look forward to each and every opportunity I have to enrich your lives. Do you have any suggestions, comments or concerns that you would like to bring to my attention? I am always here for you.

I am pleased to announce that I have the honor & privilege of hosting the one and only Miss Rosie Masters – Founder of Hero Hoops at her upcoming Atlanta workshop on 11/03! Have you heard about it yet? You can read all the yummy deliciousness here:

Miss Rosie is one of my absolute favorite hoopers of all time! You will absolutely adore her. Come take this class with me, you will not regret it! You have until 10/20 to take advantage of the early ┬ábird pricing. After that, the price will increase. Don’t delay – register today to ensure your space! You will love Miss Rosie! I am excited about my first official class and am ecstatic that it will be with one of my most inspiring hoopers. I have been following Miss Rosie since my first days in the hoop almost 2.5 years ago!

I am holding a contest for a free Pro Hoop & a ticket to THE Miss Rosie Masters Tour de Hoop Workshop here in Atlanta! Simply register & sign up for my email newsletter by Octobver 19 to win. Winners will be picked at random and announced right here on HoopEssence! What are you waiting for? Sign up today!