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Win FREE Hottie Hoop Camp ticket!

Are you in it to win it? Win yourself a FREE ticket to Hottie Hoop Camp, baby. What’s Hottie Hoop Camp? Only THE coolest, rad party thrown by my good friends in Texas, the TwoSisters Rowan & Blythe. Punk Rock Hoops style for sure and so much fun. This is THE hoop camp for introverts. Do you feel like you don’t fit in anywhere at all? Every hooper, every body… This is the camp for you. No glamour prance pressure every night to be the biggest sparkle pony, show up in your pi’s or your best costume, you will get all love. We help EACH OTHER *Feel* as if we are the hottest thing in the room, (cuz ya are) ya dig? No competition, all hoop love. So right on….

Back to the FREE ticket part! Win yourself some ol’ Hottie Hoop Camp loving, right here. Did I mention this is held in a swanky house (on STILTS no less) on the BEACH? Yup. Saddle up, hottie. I wanna see you there. Get out there and make a curvy video with the Curvy Hooper Video Challenge. WOO!

P.S. I am teaching TWO pretty rad workshops that weekend that you don’t want to miss. Hoop Dance Performance Skills AND Adding DANCE to your “hoop dance”. (I know, right?!, I am excited)



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Hoop Dance Performances: Atlanta

Looking forward to performing hoop dance again with the Southern Fried Sideshow at the Five Spot in Atlanta, GA. Come play with me before I head to NY for a couple weeks. Much love & see you soon! Bring your friends!  Only $10 for  a great night of entertainment in your own neighborhood. More info below!

Southern Fried Sideshow Presents….

Saturday, September 3 at 7:00pm – September 4 at 1:00am

The Five Spot

1123 Euclid Ave.

“An evening of intrigue! The Five Spot hosts this outrageous line-up of talent, comedy, music and more!
Atlanta’s very own Captain & Maybelle take the stage, fresh from their appearance on national television, and are ready to deliver incredible human feats, mind-boggling humor, and unbelievably impressive stunts!

Introducing Southern Fried Sideshow’s host for the evening, Professor Theodore Rose! He knows how to keep the show rolling along. He will also have on hand his soon-to-be world-famous “Silver Tongue Snake Oil”!

Once again, our favorite Moldavian friend, Zolophd, graces us with his presence! But wait… He’s bringing along partner-in-crime Molotov! What they have planned is sure to tickle all your senses!

Coming to shake things up a bit is the always lovely Ms. Rebecca DeShon, of HoopEssence. She’ll be hooping her heart out and working her way into yours!

Captain has traveled the world over in search of one of God’s most beautiful creations…and he found “The Black Mantis” in the jungles of South America. Is he man? Is he insect? That will be for you to decide…

Sinder & Incendia will turn the evening up a few degrees when they perform. Their passion lies in an element long feared by man… FIRE! Watch in awe as this duo shows no fear and manipulates the flames, all for your enjoyment!

Our band for the evening is none other than Mile Train! Mile Train’s sound cannot be easily described. Based on Delta blues, jazz and Southern rock, the band has forged a recognizably eclectic musical phenomenon. Whether it’s the chop-heavy, bass-thumping tones of “Blackwater Blues” and “Singin’ Out Loud,” the delicate harmonies of “Lifted” and “Sugarcane,” or the high octane fueled riffage of “Tie One On” and “Brothers and Sisters,” Mile Train has successfully soldered several sounds into a unique blend of rock’n’roll.

Now that’s an INCREDIBLE line-up for an evening’s entertainment! If you’ve been meaning to catch a show, THIS is the one to come to! You’ll laugh, you’ll gasp, and we guarantee that you will leave ASTONISHED and in DISBELIEF! Doors at 7PM, $10. All ages.

For more info, go to: