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Free Hoop Dance Advice from HOOPLOVERS

Hooping is HOT in Atlanta! I am so excited about the upwards moment of hooping in Atlanta. I love facilitating such a huge movement and seeing others take the hooping love and pass it along to others by gifting adult hoops and teaching hula hooping to their friends. I want to share with you someone who inspires me beyond measure. I’ve  shared with you many of Deanne Love’s tutorials on this blog and by word of mouth in class. You may sign up to receive email alerts for when each new lesson is uploaded.

Who is Deanne Love?

“Deanne’s desire to connect people through dance, music and fun fueled the creation of HOOPLOVERS in 2007. Deanne’s mission is to inspire global beings to find their true potential through movement and self-expression via the all encompassing benefits of hoop dance.

Since 2011, Deanne has lived in Melbourne, Australia and currently teaches weekly Hoop Dance classes in Melbourne, including active and creative lessons for adults and children. She has taught in schools and dance studios both in Australia and Japan and brings her passion for international education and life long learning to every class she is engaged in. Deanne regularly performs Hoop Dance shows for corporate and private parties as well as kid’s events and a variety of celebrations. She has traveled the world sharing her individual style of hoop love and performed on stages in Sydney, Thailand and Tokyo.”

HoopLovers is home to Deanne Love. Check it out: “Hoop your way to health, happiness and hotness guided by Deanne Love.

Enjoy the numerous benefits of hula hoop dance and fitness. Sign up for FREE weekly video tutorials and tips.”


Watch one of my favorite videos of Deanne Love here on her YouTube page.

I will be utilizing some of Deanne’s teaching methods and sequences in my Intermediate Hula Hoop Dance 6 wks series classes beginning tomorrow, April 30 at Studio Burlesque here in Atlanta. I can’t wait to see you there!


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Be inspired!

I can’t say enough good things about Deanne Love of (yes, the gal from the post below). I sure hope I get the opportunity to meet this woman one day and get the chance to rock our hoops together. She has taught me much. I really feel she is so super genuine and I absolutely ADORE her style. Don’t you? Check out more of Deanne on her You Tube channel and her website. Here is a taste of her playing in her hoop. So graceful!

Deanne‘s funky grace.

She now offers video classes! Check them out.

And I found a great tutorial that adds some flow and variations on the basic isolations I taught last week at Kinetic Hive. Watch here.

I can’t gush about her and not include some marvelous photos, can I?

Let me know what you think! I am hoping to share with you the videos that I see each week in hopes of giving you some inspiration as they each inspire me. I would love to hear from you, leave a comment if you feel inspired!