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Contest Winners!

Hello my lovelies! The moment has finally arrived to announce the winners of my exciting October giveaways. Thank you all for your support and for each person who registered as a user.

First Place:   Username: Christy Mathis

You have won a free ticket to the amazing Miss Rosie Masters/Founder of Hero Hoops workshop in Atlanta on November 3rd! Congratulations Christy! This workshop is perfect for hoopers on any skill level. Get ready to grow!~ Learn more about this amazing 3 hour workshop here

Second Place: Username: B-Sting

You have won a hand crafted Pro hoop hand made with loving care by yours truly! Congrats B-Sting! This prize is the bees knees – ha! You will receive one 42′ inch adult dance/fitness hoop with 1 premium mirror tape and 1 accent gaffer tape. You are gonna love this hoop!

Thank you all once again for playing along. I will be announcing details of another really exciting giveaway for November in the coming weeks. Keep your eyes peeled ♥