Learn to hoop

Want to learn how to hula hoop dance?

Our passion is to empower and inspire others through hula hooping.


One-on-One Hula Hoop Dance Private Lessons
In our private lessons you will get one-on-one time with Rebecca where she will teach you specifically what you are interested in and you will learn at your own pace. Each lesson is tailored to suit your specific hooping needs and goals.
Hula hoop dance Group Classes
There are many levels of group classes that we offer and they are available all over Atlanta. Enjoy hooping with others, making friends and laughing! Giggles are plentiful in our classes. Get ready to get silly while you get happy, healthy and learn to hoop. 
Hula hoop dance Workshops
Our workshops are a great way to get an intensive, focused session in on a particular aspect of hoop dance. Great for those who can not commit to a weekly series class and perfect for finally trying out hooping for yourself. Come play!
Hula Hoop Jams
Hoop Jams are community events about fellowship, community and give us an opportunity to learn by play. Come out, invite your friends and family to join the fun. It’s also a great way to see different hoop dance styles and have fun with others. Hooping is so much FUN with a group of smiles. 

Please contact us to set up a private lesson, or view our events calendar to see upcoming classes, workshops, and hoopjams. You can also purchase a class card to attend any of our recurring 1 hour classes. (restrictions apply)

Hoop Class
Hoop Class