Frequent Questions

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions (the FAQ)

What hoop is right for me?
We want you to be a success with hooping. Check out our hoop sizing page to find out more about which hoop to choose OR contact us for personalized dance hoop sizing assistance.
What size hoop should I use?
We have 4+ years sizing hoops for our students, clients and friends. Check out our hoop sizing page for information or contact us for personalized hoop assistance.
Do you ship hoops?
Yes we ship hoops to 48 US states coiled down to fit in a box. 
Yes, we ship hoops collapsed down size and loving placed inside a box for protection (and not to mention to save you a bundle on shipping). We ship via FedEx.
How long does it take to get my hoop order?
We strive to get your hoops to you in miniminal time without sacrficing the quality of our workmanship. Your hoop will be ready within 48hours and shipping with Priority Mail varies based upon location.
I am local can I pick up my hoop and save on shipping?
Absolutely! You may elect to meet up with us at one of our classes or events OR you can schedule a time to meet with us. Our home based office is located in East Atlanta, GA.
Where can I arrange to pick up a hoop once I order it?
The best place to arrange for a pick up would be before or after a class. Otherwise please give us a shout to arrange your pick up site. 404-431-8876
Why are your hoops so much more expensive than toy/dollar store hoops?
Our hula hoops are hand crafted, professional hoops. Built by our own two hands in Atlanta, GA with the much sturdier and prettier materials than the made in CHINA kids toy variety. Our professional hula hoops will bring year after year of enjoyment. We at HoopEssence are not a mass manufacturing plant that makes a gazillion pieces of plastic to send out Worldwide but we ARE the hooper, too. The very same hoops we craft and sell to you are the hoops that WE USE in our own classes and performances. We are the hooper AND the hoop maker. Each hoop is infused with love for ya, from our home to your hips.
Can I achieve hooping with my kid’s toy store hoop? Is that what I need for your class?
Modern hoop dance is not easily achieved with kids toy store hoops. You may use those varieties of hoops to just kick around for simple arm movements but if you are an adult of any child over the age of 2, the kid’s toy hoops will prove frustrating and awkward. Our professional hula hoops are made larger and heavier out of the highest quality materials for you. The larger, heavier size hoop will allow any size or age hooper to get in the rhythm with the hoop. The larger the hoop the easier it is to catch your groove, man. The heavier weight and size will slow the rotation down so that you can find your own rhythm (yes, we are all born with rhythm. Your heart beats to a rhythm every day on it’s own). You can even find yourself shedding pound after pound with a hand crafted professional hula hoop. I dare you to try!
What hoop is a good hoop for a beginner?
Any of our hoops can be appropriate for the beginner hooper to the professional. See our hula hoop sizing page for more details or contact us for personalized dance hoop sizing help.
I want to come to a class but not sure which one is right for me. Can you help?
Sure thing! Contact us for personalized hoop help.
I want a hoop today, do you have a store where I can come in and pick out a hoop?
You can find a very limited selection of our hand crafted hoops at 42 Degrees in Little Five Points, Atlanta, GA. Contact them to make your purchase. *These hoops may be priced higher than hoops on our site due to store overhead.
What is this polypro hoop stuff I keep hearing about?
PolyPro is short for Polypropylene which is the type of plastic the tubing is made from
Do you offer birthday party entertainment?
Yes. Let us make your party memorable. Details here.
Do you perform at clubs?
Yes. We have performed at clubs all across America. Contact us.
Can you come to my school?
Yes. We can offer many different choices for your school. Details here.
Do you offer group lessons for me and my friends? Can we do a class as a fun outing with friends?
Yes. Hooping with friends is so much fun! Let us bring the fun to you. Contact us.
Do you offer corporate event entertainment and/or hooping classes?
Yes. We have been offering corporate hoop dance entertainment and hooping lessons for over 4 years. Contact us today.
Can I get a discount on more than one hoop?
We offer discounts on hoops when purchasing 10 or more hoops at a time. Contact us for distributor pricing.
Where are you located?
We are a small, home based business in Atlanta, Georgia. I teach hooping and hoop dance out of several different gyms, dance studios and community centers. You can find more information on the class locations and the details on my website calendar, If you are interested in purchasing a hula hoop you may order through the website and pick up locally or have it shipped to your door. I also offer dance hoops at my hooping classes and most events. Give me a call if you would like to speak with me about your new dance hoop! 404-431-8876 Rebecca