About Us

Rebecca turned a hula-hoop hobby into a business in 2008 with nothing but passion and a plastic circle.

Rebecca DeShon has been teaching the joys of the hoop before it became a trend. Launching HoopEssence in 2008, offering performance, dance and hoop fitness classes. An accomplished International performer and instructor, she holds certifications from Hoopnotica, Punk Rock Hoops and is a Superhooper-certified hoop maker. Rebecca is dedicated to helping every person at any age/ skill level feel at home in the hoop. She teaches locally, at festivals around the globe such as Wanderlust 108 Yoga Festival.
Our passion is empowering others to find their joy and express themselves creatively through hooping. HoopEssence was born out of a commitment to provide superior quality hand crafted hoops and detailed instruction to help excel your hoop journey. Rebecca DeShon has a passion for teaching people of all ages and ALL bodies how to hula hoop, regardless of if you were able to hoop as a child. She can teach you how!


Rebecca keeps her thumb on the pulse of the modern business world while transforming work into
a deep spiritual body-mind connection in her hoop. Atlanta’s most experienced, upbeat hoop dance
instructor is proof that a small business really can feel more like PLAY than work.

Services we offer

Private events
corporate events, parties, birthdays
we can supply the hoops and offer a combination performance and instruction
Hooping training
private lessons, classes, and workshops
Hoop sales
hand-crafted hula hoops that are available as both custom, made to order, and stocked items for faster delivery