Making your own hula hoop

I make all of my hoops here at HoopEssence (with the exception of my newest fire hoop from Synergy Firehoops and my Atomic LED hoops). I wanted to post a great resource for creating your own hoops.

Of course, I am speaking to you about a collection of information on Click here for details all about making your own hula hoops. Grab your family and get everyone involved! Hooping is a great all ages, all fitness level activity that can really bring your loved ones together. Enjoy quality time with one another and LAUGH in your hoops all while getting a nice low impact workout. is your go to source for all things hoop on the internet. We love them at HoopEssence. In the beginning of my hoop journey I was definitely all alone. I never had the opportunity to play with the actual hoopers when I got my hoop from friends. I learned everything via the internet. Youtube and were my teachers. You see, my hoops were gifted to me in 2008 by friends in GA as I embarked on a life journey to New York for a while. I left town before I even really felt connected to those hoops. I was appreciative of the gesture but never thought much into it until I spent time in my hoop when my friends were far away. I spent quiet time there inside that plastic circle. I found a friend. I hope hooping can touch your life just as much as it did mine, right when you need it most.



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