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buy a hoop

Buy a hoop

We offer stellar professional quality hula hoops made by our hands right here in Atlanta with only the best USA made materials. Need help? No problemo. Speak directly to the person making your special hoop backed with 5 years of hoop making experience. Create your dream (hoop) with HoopEssence.
hoop class

Learn to hoop

Think you can't hoop? Sure you can, we can help. Our custom adult dance hoops are MADE for adult bodies, any body. Let us help you find your mojo through the hoop. Hoop dance has been proven to ease stress, promote weight loss, combat the blues, build balance/coordination. Besides who couldn't use a little more FUN?
hire a hooper

Hire a Hoop Dancer

Looking for quality entertainment to excite your guests? We perform at a variety of events and tailor our performances to suit your unique vision. Allow us to dazzle your guests with an unforgettable one of a kind performance.

What our customers are saying

“My life has been transformed by the hoop, and I can never thank Becca enough for the role she played in modeling and teaching the joy of finding oneself in the hoop.”

“Rebecca’s an amazing teacher as well as performer and I learned so much from her. She fostered a supportive class environment that seemed to make everyone feel as though anything was possible.”

Some of our newest products

Rebecca will be out of the country until May 5th. We are still accepting and processing orders, but there will be additional processing time required to complete any orders. Thank you.